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Since Joining Valentine FC Tom Duggan’s football has taken flight with the Phoenix. Tom is leaving for Portugal after signing with FC Serpa. Our club president Paul Gaden sat down with Tom after the exciting news to speak about his time at VEFC and what his future holds.


PG: You’ve been a great asset to the club this season, scoring 6 goals. What’s been your favourite moment?


TD: It was only a short season for me but definitely winning a couple games in the last minutes of the match is always a great feeling after the team has fought tough all game to get the win.


PG: Adam Hughes runs a tight ship for the senior squad / first grade. How have you found this compared to your other clubs?


TD: Very professional, one thing I loved was valentine has vest trackers to determine high speed metres, kilometres ran, your quickest sprint time and other aspects that really helps you pinpoint on how to improve as an individual. Training sessions led up to how we were going to play the game and demanding the best effort from players every session. He promoted young players a lot too that we’re up to it and there’s a lot of them at the club with big potential.


PG: Valentine FC has a player development focus. What advice would you give to the young players coming though looking to play top quality football?


TD: Always give 100% at every moment and work on weaknesses in your game, training with your club 2-3 times a week won’t cut it you’ll need to put extra sessions in to notice improvements.


PG: Where to next In Portugal and how did this opportunity come about?


TD: Playing for a team called Fc Serpa in the national league and it came about through Adam Hughes and Nick Harmon. Since I came to the club, I told Hughesy my goal is to go as far as I can and he was always working on getting me to another club as well as speaking to me about what I can work on and how to prepare the next chapter of my football career. He Really showed me how much he cared for players that want to go far so I definitely owe a lot to them two for helping me out.


Valentine FC wishes Tom the best of luck in his future footballing endeavours and work to thank him for his professionalism and effort throughout the season.


Together We Rise

Tom Duggan moves to Portugal Club FC Serpa

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